History of Westside Church of Christ

The present Westside congregation is the result of an amalgamation of Centenary and Kenmore churches in 1997. Kenmore was established in the Kenmore Churches of Christ College, in 1965. Centenary church, the nearby sister church was formed in 1977.

The momentum of Kenmore joining with Centenary enabled a significant and much needed extension to be made to the original building. This has resulted in a rapid increase in the number of individuals and families attending Westside. The church often seems to be awash with children who mix freely with youth and adults of all ages.

Hardly a day goes by without the building being used for some church or community activity, including playgroups, youth programs, mens' and womens' groups, prayer meetings, teaching and training, and a variety of small groups.

Two adjacent houses have been added, one as a learning centre and the second for office, administration and counselling. Other improvements and alterations are also underway. The paid staff and voluntary involvement has also grown in recent years as the church has sought to increasingly look beyond itself and attend to the needs of others in Jesus' name.

Westside is very much a family church. Our programs, groups and activities reveal that. Where there has been illness in a family it's not uncommon for members to call by with a meal to save Mum having to prepare. When there is need for someone to go to hospital and transport is a problem, members will volunteer to help.

That sense of caring and support is missing in many communities today as people worry about their own affairs. We encourage the genuine caring friendship of Jesus to be seen in our lives and to be demonstrated by the love we show for one another. You will be made to feel welcome at Westside.